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          你的位置:首頁 > 關于公司 > 企業文化


          企業宗旨:領先環?萍 創造碧水藍天 

          企業使命:永續經營 回饋社會


          經營宗旨:領先環?萍 創造碧水藍天



          Corporation Culture

            Excellent culture is original power of enterprise’s harmonious development and also the competitiveness for the enterprise to occupy the market. Yonkers Group always pays high attention to setup of corporate culture, implant the excellent culture philosophy into the heart and to make it be understood inside the enterprise and practiced outside the enterprise.

          Mission:  to continuously contribute to the society

          Operation objective:  to bring quality goods to customers, to create value for the society, to build career for employees and to make the company a greater success

          Operation tenet:  to be the leader in environmental protection technology, to create a beautiful environment with clean water and blue sky

          Corporate spirit:  be a pioneer and innovator in the environmental protection industry, and be practical and perfection-pursuing

          Service philosophy:  Customer first, Be honest and keep promise